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“We recently started using Stylehawk Event Services to provide support services for our major events, and they have been an amazing addition to our team. Stylehawk owner Cameron Ungar is an impeccable leader and organizer whose extensive background in event logistics, event services, staff recruitment and management has helped take our events to a higher level of professionalism and quality.” - Legendary Competitor NLI Series

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2 Truths to Maximize the Effectiveness of Event Managers

It is far more lucrative and fun to leverage your strengths instead of attempting to fix all of the chinks in your armor… Focus on better use of your weapons instead of constant repair. -- Tim Ferriss, The 4- Hour Workweek
The 4- Hour Workweek is a smart book that challenges readers to buck antiquated beliefs about work culture and adopt a new set of values.  This refined philosophy starts with measuring productivity by output rather than by volume. Continue reading “2 Truths to Maximize the Effectiveness of Event Managers” »